Britney debuts new perfume

On Saturday, US pop singer Britney Spears asked her rooters check her newest fragrance by telling just how much she would prefer to take all on a vacation. As fans know, it was not possible to vacation with such an important person, but obviously they could have a little slice of paradise when smelling Spear’s brand new perfume.

On Saturday, Britney Spears tweeted: “I wish I could take each and every one of you on an #IslandFantasy but until then, take a vacation in a bottle,”

The singer added a link to her fragrance page at Kohl’s so her fans could select a bottle for US$ 34 each bottle. Britney is not a stranger to the world of fragrances. The entertainer has many current smells on the market sold at high end shops. Offering her rooters, a scope to smell like her, the singer has a good deal of interest in her brand new product and what images her new perfume might add to the fans.

Recently, Spears’ song ‘Baby one more time’ has been voted as the best debut track in the last twenty years. This track made Spears popular in the music scene. The hit track of 1998 topped an opinion poll of more than nine thousand music fans by a popular e-magazine. The second position went to S Club 7’s track ‘Bring it all back’. Rachel Stevens’ ‘Sweet dreams my LA ex’ got the third position.

Recently, Britney Spears’ X Factor colleague Adrienne Bailon told that Britney could not carry on her conversations on her own and needed someone to tell what to speak.