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Britney posts hot snap on Twitter

It seems that Britney Spears is very excited about her brand new special on E! like everyone. On 16th December, Monday, the thirty two year old pop star posted a stunning and sexy snap of herself striking a sensual pose and she tweeted: “Behind the scenes photo from the #WORKBXXCH music video for my upcoming E! Documentary… #IAmBritneyJean,”

The video of Work B*tch debuted earlier in October. It revealed Britney Spears’ stunning figure as she ruffled her stuff in a potpourri of itty-bitty dresses. As for the forthcoming 2 hour E! documentary called I Am Britney Jean is concerned – the show airs on 22nd December, Sunday, at 9 pm.

The docu feature would offer an uncommon glimpse into the pop diva’s life at an integral period —as she ends writing and recording her first ‘very’ personal album till date, all while gearing up for her forthcoming 2 year residency in Las Vegas.

Britney would also speak regarding her professional and personal life in her most exposing interviews ever.

Her brand new album called Britney Jean dropped on 3rd December. The album did not perform well in United States; and the reaction was even worse in United Kingdom.

The US pop diva is also set for a gig at the Sin City. It is called Britney: Piece of Me, starts on 27th December at the Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino. Rehearsals for the show started on 10th December, in Las Vegas.

Shocking vocals of US pop star Britney Spears

Believe it or not, but US pop singer Britney Spears’ stage performance sounded like as if a cat being strangled. It was really hard to believe that the off key vocals belonged to pop sensation Britney Spears. The deafening video clips allegedly carries the sound recordings from the Spears’ stray microphone feed during the live HBO performance in 2001 on Dream Within a Dream Tour. The video, which is uploaded by Live Leak, reveals that Britney prancing around the stage in her trademark crop top in attempt to belt out her song Boys.

After that, she tries to move her lips on Lucky, but it appeared that she was out of breath. She was donning a white colored fur coat and moving around the stage. Even her well flat stomach of the then nineteen year old could not save from what was evidently her virtually unrecognizable interpretation of Hit Me Baby One More Time.

Spears’ alleged jaw-dropping music appear to back up news that the thirty one year old pop star will rely on lip syncing for her forthcoming Piece Of Me stint in Las Vegas’ Planet Hollywood.

Beginning from 27th October and running till 22nd February, 2014, the singer is all set to sing twenty one tracks over a ninety minute event, earning a jaw dropping $ 30 million over 2 years. It is expected that she would be pinch perfect.

Britney debuts new perfume

On Saturday, US pop singer Britney Spears asked her rooters check her newest fragrance by telling just how much she would prefer to take all on a vacation. As fans know, it was not possible to vacation with such an important person, but obviously they could have a little slice of paradise when smelling Spear’s brand new perfume.

On Saturday, Britney Spears tweeted: “I wish I could take each and every one of you on an #IslandFantasy but until then, take a vacation in a bottle,”

The singer added a link to her fragrance page at Kohl’s so her fans could select a bottle for US$ 34 each bottle. Britney is not a stranger to the world of fragrances. The entertainer has many current smells on the market sold at high end shops. Offering her rooters, a scope to smell like her, the singer has a good deal of interest in her brand new product and what images her new perfume might add to the fans.

Recently, Spears’ song ‘Baby one more time’ has been voted as the best debut track in the last twenty years. This track made Spears popular in the music scene. The hit track of 1998 topped an opinion poll of more than nine thousand music fans by a popular e-magazine. The second position went to S Club 7’s track ‘Bring it all back’. Rachel Stevens’ ‘Sweet dreams my LA ex’ got the third position.

Recently, Britney Spears’ X Factor colleague Adrienne Bailon told that Britney could not carry on her conversations on her own and needed someone to tell what to speak.

Britney Spears spotted with ring

Britney Spears’ bond with Mr David Lucado has been flourishing very nicely over the last few weeks. It seems that the couple has become inseparable since they made their romance public knowledge on Valentine’s Day. But it is still not known whether they ate to tie the knot or not as recently has been spotted  with a band her ring finger.

The US pop singer decided to unveil a snap from her brand new music video on a social networking site that just happened to feature a gold ring on the singer’s wedding finger. Accompanying the snap, Britney Spears tweeted that she had been very busy working with well known director Marc Klasfeld on her new track called Ooh La La.

The thirty one year old singer tweeted: “So baby come with me and be my #OohLALA :) Shout out to #MarcKlasfeld for an amazing job today,”

This is not the very first time when Britney sported the ring, but this time the bond between the mother of two and the legal researcher has visibly increased.

Britney was earlier engaged to Jason Trawick, but they broke up in January and very soon she started dating David Lucado. Some reports have suggested that David is close to Britney’s family than Jason ever was. There were also rumors that Jamie Spears made sure that David sign a non-disclosure before he starts to date Britney Spears.

Along with her personal life, Britney is also very focused on her professional life. She is recording her 8th studio album with rapper

Britney Spears’ new love interest

US pop singer Britney Spears’ new love interest has signed a confidentiality deal. Earlier this year, the Scream and Shout singer parted ways with her former finance Jason Trawick. Now she has found her love in David Lucado, who has reportedly gone through a background check. The pop singer has also made him sign a non-disclosure deal before agreeing to go out with him.

An insider told a entertainment website that Jamie Spears has known David Lucado for awhile, and always thought he was a thoughtful, and an all-around good guy and her daughter required someone to keep her company after she and Trawick. And Britney’s partner has to be a male as she does not go well with females.

The source told that before David Lucado started spending time with Britney, he had to go through a background check, and sign a confidentiality deal and all these were arranged by Jamie Spears, who made sure that if things go south between Jamie and Britney, details about her personal life would not be made public. And more than that Lucado did not have any problem with that he totally understood why it is being done.

In last few weeks, Spears have been spotted in several romantic outings. A close source stated that David really cares for Britney Spears and he is not going out with Britney Spears for her fame.

Grocery List of Britney Spears Revealed

People read about weird celeb behavior everytime, but in the househole of Britney Spears, dinner relatively appears to be a very ordinary process.

On Monday, a make up free Britney Spears’ picture was clicked as she was going to a local grocery shop in the Westlake Village in California. She was donning a hoddie and sweats. But more than that the photographers were able to have a glance of her shopping list. Want to know, what are the things that were on that list – well, it was chicken, bread, popcorn, milk, orange juice, ham, Launchabls, tomatoes and ginger ale.

Her fans would live that Britney is not just a world renowned singer, but the former X Factor judge is also a simple southern girl at her heart.

After her break up from her long time lover from Jason Trawick, the US pop singer has been spending quality time, with a man named David. A leading celeb gossip website reported that twenty seven year old David is a down to earth man. He does firld research at a lay firm.

On the eve of Valentines day, Britney and David hung out together at a golf course. Some reports claimed that the have met through one their mutual friends. Well, this might be another new relationship for Britney Spears.