Shocking vocals of US pop star Britney Spears

Believe it or not, but US pop singer Britney Spears’ stage performance sounded like as if a cat being strangled. It was really hard to believe that the off key vocals belonged to pop sensation Britney Spears. The deafening video clips allegedly carries the sound recordings from the Spears’ stray microphone feed during the live HBO performance in 2001 on Dream Within a Dream Tour. The video, which is uploaded by Live Leak, reveals that Britney prancing around the stage in her trademark crop top in attempt to belt out her song Boys.

After that, she tries to move her lips on Lucky, but it appeared that she was out of breath. She was donning a white colored fur coat and moving around the stage. Even her well flat stomach of the then nineteen year old could not save from what was evidently her virtually unrecognizable interpretation of Hit Me Baby One More Time.

Spears’ alleged jaw-dropping music appear to back up news that the thirty one year old pop star will rely on lip syncing for her forthcoming Piece Of Me stint in Las Vegas’ Planet Hollywood.

Beginning from 27th October and running till 22nd February, 2014, the singer is all set to sing twenty one tracks over a ninety minute event, earning a jaw dropping $ 30 million over 2 years. It is expected that she would be pinch perfect.