Selfie sticks banned from most music fests in UK

Coachella fest goers are not allowed to take selfie sticks with them like those at Lollapalooza in Chicago. Not just selfie sticks, it has been reports that all types of camera extentions are banned from these fests that bring top starts like Rihanna and Katy Perry to Kanye West.

The site of Lollapalooza said: “GoPro attachments like sticks, selfie sticks & monopods” are not allowed from the event, while Coachella’s site said “No selfie sticks/Narsisstics” are allowed.

Other major United States music festivals, including Governors Ball, Sasquatch and Bonnaroo are yet to express a stance on banning selfie sticks, when advice or bans on the devices have yet to be reported for top European fests like Glastonbury that presently says that Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (also called drones) and pro video equipment among its banned devices.

The move follows the decision recently taken at many British music venues, like the O2 Arena, the SSE Wembley Arena and the O2 Academy Brixton, banning the devices because of safety and health concerns. Read more »

Did she dress in the dark? Britney Spears seems unfazed as she steps out in wacky outfit

Normally, she has on a cute dress when running trips in her Thousand Oaks in California society.

On Wednesday, the Toxic singer came as if she had dressed in dark. The thirty-three year old pop sensation who will soon come back to her residency in Las Vegas – coupled a lovely, belted grey colored jacket along with purple funky little shorts as she went to the gym. There was nothing wrong regarding her lovely smile however, as the singer showed her pearly whites to the onlookers.

The mom-of-two revealed her legs in a duo of purple bright shorts emphasized with neon orange piping that she coupled with a printed white colored T-shirt as well as chic grey coat. The blonde was also wrapped in pink and grey, as her thick hair were pulled up in a bun. Read more »

Charlie Ebersol’s mother not happy with her son’s new girlfriend Britney Spears

Not everyone is happy with the relationship of Britney Spears and television producer Charlie Ebersol. Ebersol’s mom, Kate And Ally actor Susan Saint James told that she just could not believe that her son is getting serious about Spears.

An insider told that Saint James as well as Ebersol’s father, the 67 year old NBC executive Dick Ebersol have already met Toxic singer. The insider added that Charlie introduced Spears to the both of them as his girlfriend, but they did not agree about her. Dick Ebersol believes that it is really nice to see his kid happy, but Susan wants him to be with someone who is not famous.

A source also added that James do not believe that the rehab alum, who suffered a nervous breakdown in the year 2007, is a great wife for her kid. The source told a leading website that all Charlie’s mom has ever wanted is for him to tie the knot and have kids. She just does not think Britney is the perfect choice.

Another insider told that website earlier that Britney Spears and Charlie Ebersol have hit it off and she has her dad to thank for this.

However, it is great to see that Britney’s two kids – 9 year old Sean Preston and 8 year old Jayden like Spears’ new romance, as Britney took to her Instagram only 2 days before her thirty-third birthday to post yet another snap of Ebersol as well as her kids playing on beach together. Along with the caption, she wrote: “So grateful for family time this weekend. ? my boys!”


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